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Core Values
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Who We Are

HF Metal and Wood Products Manufacturing is a multi-disciplinary model such as in engineering design, manufacturing industry for wooden products for packaging and supply chain, fuel storage tanks, pre-engineered steel products, agricultural trailers, steel fence and pipe and mold works.

Established in early 2019, we are proud to announce we have a strong team of engineers with human capital. Our excellent reputation and work experience in the field of our knowledge has allowed us to work with some global and domestic clients.

We are grateful for our long-standing customers and partners which are also key players in processing industry in Ethiopia for the trust they put in us.

  • Juniper Glass industries
  • BGI Ethiopia Castel Group Africa
  • Sika Abyssinia chemicals
  • Heineken Brewery


To become an integrated engineering product design, manufacturing industry, supply and installation company in order to participate in global company and in large scale projects such as Brewery, Glass, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Agro-Industry, Mining and others.


source for basic, high quality engineering products in both metal and wood sectors. Our method is to develop and acquire the most efficient engineering, manufacturing system possible.

Our success is measured by how well we surpass customer needs and expectation by providing quality products and service with modern craftsmanship.

Furthermore, to be responsible to our employees and our social community at large.

Core Values

  • Employees We value keeping our employees safe well and trained.
  • Social responsibility Committed to the surrounding community.
  • Leadership We value leading by example.
  • Teamwork We value working together with collaborative relationship.
  • Priorities Exceeding customer satisfaction
  • Integrity, we value the utmost integrity in everything we do.
  • Pursuit of Excellence We value continuous improvement of product and service
  • Quality at all levels of our organization.

Our Strategy


Continues improvement of our product and services quality.


Cost leadership with competitive advantages.


Try to support our system with advanced technology


Never justify unsafe work practices and procedures.


Short delivery time by using efficient and effective
production system

Our Team

We have Experienced and Professional Staff for any given related tasks. The Staff strength includes: